16 Apr 2017

From London to Toronto 2017

These photos capture a journey of about a year of just travelling, seeing the world, and getting back into the creative spirit. Sometimes you need time away from the grind to remember why you do it. This round the world journey ended with a relocation from my hometown of Sarf London (England) to living in Toronto, through... music. A lot of development has been going on after our last main production of the short film Child in Their Eyes, a lot has been going on in terms of writing. The Child in Their Eyes feature script was written, whilst a whole new feature project about a particular time in musical history has been in heavy development. Until we're ready to go into more detail, things haven't gone silent. But when you see our next project, you'll be hooked.

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01 Jan 2017

Welcome to 2017

There's only one way to celebrate... with the best discovered discovered playlist of 2016. Algorithms and machine learning has helped us to discover some random music through the wonders of Spotify. As a listener Spotify has been incredibly in bringing me closer to music I would have never bothered to listen to. Further to that, it's then fuelled my desire to go and see purveyors of music in a live setting. As creators of art and stuff, we understand the blood sweat and tears it takes to put into a project, to only see it being consumed in a 'disposable' way. But unfortunately, with the rough does come the smooth. But here's our appreciation of some great discoveries for the 2016 year. 

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19 Jul 2016

Child in Their Eyes official selection at #BUFF2016

Child in Their Eyes has been selected to play at the 2016 British Urban Film Festival, known as BUFF. This is the second film to screen at the festival. Back in 2012 Grow Up was selected to play at the festival. The film was in association with CALM, was also screened on The Community Channel and was also part of the Short Film Corner at the 64th edition of the Cannes Film Festival. Grow Up was Ivan's first film that he wrote, produced and directed. But when we say his first film, we mean it's the first film he worked on that wasn't just weird random projects made with friends. It was a project built on a labour of love, shot over 5 days with professional actors, and a mixture of film professionals to varying levels. It was built on a collaboration and was a truly straight from the heart project. A lot was learnt from that experience, and even though he's directed several short films…

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19 Dec 2014

AC Slater 2014

Listen to our first Hentucky Productions podcast presented by Ivan Madeira. This article below follows the podcast, so you can interactively follow and click on links whilst listening to the podcast. You can also download it and save it to your computer or smart device and listen to it whilst out and about Hentucky's year.  2014 has been one of those years for myself, and in turn for Hentucky. It started off with us editing up all the footage we captured in the Philippines back between October to November 2013. The first thing we focused on was 

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27 Nov 2013

Getting to know home

This article is about the lead up to the campaign #Giveabanca. To find out more, please watch the video and go to www.facebook.com/vsobahaginan. To donate go to Give A Banca I’ve been a bit quiet since typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has struck. Quiet, probably from a social media perspective, where you think being out here in the Philippines, I could be reporting additional information not covered by the media outlets. To be honest, I am based in Luzon an area not affected at all, compared to the devastation caused in Eastern Visayas, or Northern Cebu; so I don’t really have much to say that could add any real value… until now. I have never experienced a typhoon before as living and growing up in London that never really happened, apart from the odd great storm (thank you Michael Fish). So when the typhoon was closely approaching, it was coinciding with my trip to Sagada in Northern Luzon to visit my family…

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02 Apr 2013

Grow Up makes it UK TV Debut – 6th April 2013

Hentucky's first short film GROW UP debuts on the Community Channel. It premiers at 00:20 on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning of the 6th going into the 7th April. You can catch it on Sky Channel 539 / Virgin Channel 233 / Freeview 87 / BT Vision and it will be available through iPlayer. If you can skyplus/Tivo etc. A little word from the Director - Ivan Madeira In September 2009 I decided I wanted to make a feature film. It came out of the blue but for whatever caused this to happen... it made perfect sense. In those first couple of months I spoke to various people and from those conversations I realised I needed to learn the film making craft and to earn my stripes. Rather than going to film school, as basically I had bills to pay and still had some sort of career on the go to make a reasonable wage, I decided to put my money in…

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22 Dec 2012

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013

This sounds like we're bitter about the previous year... in fact that couldn't be further from the truth. It's been a pretty busy year for Hentucky, as we try to take our feature film to the next level. As part of the film makers journey though sometimes it's not as simple as having the drive and need to make a film, you have to go through some life lessons before you'd want to make that commitment. Patience is one of the key things you need to know when being a film maker. Similar, enjoying the journey is another important note to make. The obsession and the narrow mindedness can leave you just wanting the goal without learning the lessons along the way. But anyway, let's have a recap on what's gone down over the last 12 months... (roll imaginary VT). January - Underwear, the final part to the identity trilogy was shot and put in the can.   March -…

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23 Sep 2012

Film festival season for Hentucky

This year all three of Hentucky's identity trilogy short films will be playing at festivals. This is pretty exciting news as in tandem to this we will be continue to develop the feature film, The Kick Inside. First up is Grow Up. In conjunction with CALM a male focused charity set up to reduce the high suicide rate amongst men under 35; Grow Up will feature at the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF) on the 13th of October at Oxford House in Bethnal Green. Find out more about the festival through this video and book your free ticket HERE And latest news, both CAN'T GET PAST and UNDERWEAR will be featuring at the 1st REEL GATE FILM FESTIVAL in both London between the 2-4th November in Hammersmith Studios, London, UK and between the 11-13 December. in UP Film Institute, Adarna Theatre, Manila, Philippines. This festival is great news for Hentucky as part of the festival has a focus for films…

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18 Aug 2012

August is the month of film for Hentucky

It feels like Hentucky hasn't been working on many things for a while, I mean the last post was on the 10th of April proves that... from a website point of view. But in fact it's been a very busy time over the past couple of months for Hentucky. Since working on our final part of the identity trilogy UNDERWEAR, which has been a journey in itself, Hentucky and myself (Ivan) has been on it. All videos at the bottom after this (rather long) break of awesome text. One of the key purposes of Underwear was to step up our game and work with a professional crew, work with different cameras (Red Epic) and start to understand a film set mentality. Using DOP, DITs, Colourists, Sound Mixers, Assistants, time keeping and such forth Hentucky wanted to establish a solid work flow to help produce a high quality short, with a minimal budget. Ultimately we wanted to work out the true…

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