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Ivan Madeira was born in South London in 1983. Having originally studied engineering at Brunel University, filmmaking had never been one of his aspirations. He was working as a self-employed project manager and playing in a band in his spare time. However, it took a train and bus journey around the Middle East for him to suddenly realise he had a story to tell, and he had to quit everything to do it.

It sounds fictional in itself, but from that epiphany in October 2009 right until the present day, he has relentlessly taught himself everything required: from script writing to directing to editing to scoring the music.  It was his own journey of self-discovery.

After a chance meeting with old schoolmate Cary Crankson and support from friend Aurella Yussuf (the core cast and production team), they embarked on the project, sold by this seemingly impossible yet infectious dream of creating something that would become Grow Up.

However it doesn’t end there. Grow Up is only the first of the ‘identity’ trilogy, which Ivan is currently working on. Now he has the taste for it, he can’t see himself doing anything else.


Shot on a Canon 7D SLR, Grow Up is part of the new wave of budget but quality HD film making. Using a borrowed Canon L-Glass lens, some borrowed photography lights, a decorator’s pole for a boom and a load of professional and amateur actors, ex-film school students, non-professional actors and interested friends; they all helped in making Grow Up possible.

This film was self funded by Ivan Madeira on a budget of approximately £1,500.  The film currently runs at 14 minutes 52 seconds including credits.


Grow Up - Cast & CrewCARY CRANKSON – CHARLIE (Lead)

Cary started out as an actor at the BRIT School of Performing Arts, before training at RADA. Since then he has worked consistently in Film, Theatre and TV including Rock and Roll Fuck ‘N’ Lovely, Flight Path, Silverland and Doctors. He is currently in Mad Blud at the Theatre Royal Stratford East.  As a writer Cary was a part of the Royal Court Young Writers program and attended Stephen Jefferies’ playwriting MA course at RADA. He has written a feature entitled Immaculate Conception and will be showcasing the teaser trailer at Cannes to any film professionals.


Tom Fava, a recent graduate of Arts Ed London, started his professional acting career in the quirky supporting role of Jay in Grow Up, and has since gone on to appear as one of the many personalities in Schizophrenia and Me and Me, and on stage as Iago in Othello at The Barons Court Theatre London. He will soon begin shooting the new online surrealist series The Immigrants as the leading antagonist.


Jennifer Breen is a recent graduate of Arts Ed London.  Since leaving she has joined the Lazarus Theatre Company, Firstborn Theatre Company, completed an Alice in Wonderland audiobook alongside Jonathan Pryce and Simon Russell-Beale amongst others and has been in several short films.


After university Ellie decided to travel across India. On her return and by chance moving in a bunch of film makers in Beaconsfield, she fell in love with the subtlety of screen acting. It was here she applied for and accepted a place at Redroofs Film and Television. Since her graduation in May 2010 she has been the lead in the feature film One Night at the Singhs (2011), as well as starring in several short and feature films.


Aurella initially started out as studying to be an economist when her own sudden epiphany led her to realise that she’s too creative for such an analytical profession. She refocused and worked her way as a Graphic Designer working within the media industry for over 5 years. Aurella has collaborated with Ivan Madeira on editorial based projects for Hentucky Productions in the past and subsequently with this history she debuted as Producer and Production Manager for Grow Up.


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