Anna Robertson Davis – Art Designer / Storyboard Art

I want to bring light to one of our frequent collaborators Anna Robertson Davis. She has been involved since the inception of Hentucky as a film company, but also before when she did the artwork for Kid Karoshi and Chancer Records (RIP). She came on board with Grow Up helping with production. And then helped with some of the concept art of the very very early inceptions. Which progressed into concept images for funding for The Kick Inside. That continued throughout and got involved in story boarding the full version of Zero. Only a concept scene has been shot and released online. And then she came on board with Child in Their Eyes for the poster. And the artwork for the single It's been an amazing journey so far and almost 10 years of working together, here's to the next! Check our her website to see what she's done. I've thrown in a few of my favourites. Visit Anna Robertson Davis

From London to Toronto 2017

These photos capture a journey of about a year of just travelling, seeing the world, and getting back into the creative spirit. Sometimes you need time away from the grind to remember why you do it. This round the world journey ended with a relocation from my hometown of Sarf London (England) to living in Toronto, through... music. A lot of development has been going on after our last main production of the short film Child in Their Eyes, a lot has been going on in terms of writing. The Child in Their Eyes feature script was written, whilst a whole new feature project about a particular time in musical history has been in heavy development. Until we're ready to go into more detail, things haven't gone silent. But when you see our next project, you'll be hooked.

AC Slater 2014

Listen to our first Hentucky Productions podcast presented by Ivan Madeira. This article below follows the podcast, so you can interactively follow and click on links whilst listening to the podcast. You can also download it and save it to your computer or smart device and listen to it whilst out and about Hentucky's year.  2014 has been one of those years for myself, and in turn for Hentucky. It started off with us editing up all the footage we captured in the Philippines back between October to November 2013. The first thing we focused on was 

Getting to know home

This article is about the lead up to the campaign #Giveabanca. To find out more, please watch the video and go to To donate go to Give A Banca I’ve been a bit quiet since typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan) has struck. Quiet, probably from a social media perspective, where you think being out here in the Philippines, I could be reporting additional information not covered by the media outlets. To be honest, I am based in Luzon an area not affected at all, compared to the devastation caused in Eastern Visayas, or Northern Cebu; so I don’t really have much to say that could add any real value… until now. I have never experienced a typhoon before as living and growing up in London that never really happened, apart from the odd great storm (thank you Michael Fish). So when the typhoon was closely approaching, it was coinciding with my trip to Sagada in Northern Luzon to visit my family (from my mums side) from November 8. I have been looking forward to this trip for so long now, so I was eager to get out of Manila and up in the mountains. As reports of the typhoon coming in, of it being a really bad one, I wasn’t necessarily concerned about the typhoon itself, but more so if it would affect my trip, leaving me stuck away from not seeing my family during my week off work. People in…

Grow Up makes it UK TV Debut – 6th April 2013

Hentucky's first short film GROW UP debuts on the Community Channel. It premiers at 00:20 on Saturday Night/Sunday Morning of the 6th going into the 7th April. You can catch it on Sky Channel 539 / Virgin Channel 233 / Freeview 87 / BT Vision and it will be available through iPlayer. If you can skyplus/Tivo etc. A little word from the Director - Ivan Madeira In September 2009 I decided I wanted to make a feature film. It came out of the blue but for whatever caused this to happen... it made perfect sense. In those first couple of months I spoke to various people and from those conversations I realised I needed to learn the film making craft and to earn my stripes. Rather than going to film school, as basically I had bills to pay and still had some sort of career on the go to make a reasonable wage, I decided to put my money in making short films. After given a camera by my brother, the illustrious Canon 7D, I started to make loads of small short films with my friends. At the same time I was penning my first short film script, which was Grow Up. From August 2010-October 2010 I basically learnt everything about film making. From casting, turning script into production plan, working with actors, lighting, how focusing works, camera positioning but also working with a great bunch of people/actors/cast/crew to make…

Goodbye 2012 and Hello 2013

This sounds like we're bitter about the previous year... in fact that couldn't be further from the truth. It's been a pretty busy year for Hentucky, as we try to take our feature film to the next level. As part of the film makers journey though sometimes it's not as simple as having the drive and need to make a film, you have to go through some life lessons before you'd want to make that commitment. Patience is one of the key things you need to know when being a film maker. Similar, enjoying the journey is another important note to make. The obsession and the narrow mindedness can leave you just wanting the goal without learning the lessons along the way. But anyway, let's have a recap on what's gone down over the last 12 months... (roll imaginary VT). January - Underwear, the final part to the identity trilogy was shot and put in the can.   March - Chivaree Performance Shot and Released (Screened at Kino 38 in London)

Colombia 2005

Supplier of over...'and enter long drug and kidnapping spiel'… No sorry, I can't continue with this. Let's face it; Colombia has got a lot of bad press in its day, well even to this day. Anything I've managed to read about Colombia (albeit not a mammoth amount) that is written through a 'gringos' perspective usually seems to end up painting a negative picture. I mean they do report on the beauty of Colombia, but usually the problems of the nation always seem to cloud any positive words which have been said in article. I'm not saying that these problems don't exist, but having been so wildly reported I thought it'd be interesting to represent my view from what I saw from spending a little time in Colombia. ...READ MORE HERE...

How to make it in… [INSERT COUNTRY HERE]

Recommended by a friend as a programme similar to Entourage, I instantly thought... not another TV show to plow through. But with only 8 half hour episodes, I thought this could kill off a rather lethargic Saturday morning. After watching it sprawled out on my sofa in my hockey jersey and boxers I felt somewhat good as the last episode played out. The show is fun and simple, which focuses more on the leanings of the fashion/hipster scene, but the ideas are there for any industry. The industry of any kind, be it film, music, fashion, books, becoming the best at x/y/z...  well, it's always going to be over saturated and there is someone always out there who will better than you. Basically  'just don't bother.' Why anyone makes it, be it if they are good or just mediocre is a combination of stubbornness and ignoring the potentiality of failure. Per-fecking-sistence . You can either continue being unhappy and frustrated if you really believe that what you're doing is not fulling you, or you can give it a try and look back and go "well that went well" in either a sarcastic or actual response. You can just do neither and just say "it's only a phase" and get on with your life happily. However, what's stark from this program, which you can get the Entourage feeling about it, is all about about having a good group of people (or just a person) who believe in you, who…

When was the last time a mixtape made you cry?

Mine was on Friday the 6th November on a National Express Coach (and again on the Saturday morning on the way back) to Norwich. The moment came when I put on the mixtape "He's the King, I'm the DJ" referring to a Michael Jackson mix done by Dj Jazzy Jeff. It's not the first time Jazzy Jeff has made me cry, the first time was how awfully bad but good he was in the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, his amazing production on Summertime mashing up Kool and the Gang with a nice little transform on top over fun time lyrics by Will Smith, his echo scratch during a Philly Jam session mixtape I had with Will Smith on top sounding horrific and finally seeing him when he first started his Serrato set in Fabric when he dropped Know the Ledge by Eric B and Rakim. Anywho, a man who makes another man cry that much, one may be asking various questions about this and that. But who cares, the man is a dapper don (to bring back a bit of mid 90s London slang). The aim of this mixtape is to bring a selection of tracks not usually dropped, more soulful and carefully blended. MJ's cover of Ain't no Sunshine is just epic and that almost brought a tear of emotional joy out. Even his double mash up of Pete Rock and 2-4-6-8 teased the notion of a tear…