15 June, 2017 generalgangsta

TBT: Interview with CALMZONE.NET

As we move forward with our projects, let’s look back at our ambitions from one of our first projects The Kick Inside and the film that started it all, Grow Up. Calm and British Urban Film Festival both supported this film. Some of the themes raised in this film, suited Calm down the ground, in the sense of the existential journey that we all as humans suffer; particularly as we get lost in more information of everything. Even though this story is for everyone, Calm focus on prevention of suicide amongst men, the biggest killer of men under 45 in the UK. It’s an organisation that tries to breakdown the cultural perceptions of what male masculinity is by trying to break down barriers, so people can talk.

Filmmaking is one of expression for me, and through telling stories it’s my way where I can channel my honesty through a story. That’s why we’re trying to tell stories in a post-truth world, and this is one of them.

Thanks to Adam Thorn  for the interview.

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