Child in Their Eyes – Out Now

29 June, 2017
Posted in Film

Child in Their Eyes – Out Now

I’m proud announce the official online release of Child in Their Eyes. After playing at a couple of festivals in London (particularly my area of Norwood, albeit the wrong end of Norwood) and some rather special screenings in London and Toronto, Child in Their Eyes is officially out for you all to enjoy.

I want to say thank you to the main lead Alex. She put in a lot to this project and we even managed to record a single, which you can listen to on Spotify or buy on iTunes. I want to also give a shout James for being such a great supporting actor. It’s been a pleasure to finally work with a long time friend, finally. Also thanks to Fabien, Simon and Emily for their involvement in making the song come to life, and Beatloafe’s specially commissioned remix, which you can buy on iTunes or listen on here.

But of course, the crew involved from pre-production, production and post. So much work went on to getting this film out there. Sam and Daniel for getting a DCP made and thanks to old school friend, long time film collaborator and fantastic producer, writer, director and of course actor, Mr Cary Crankson from the amazing Film Club London, for representing the film at British Urban Film Festival 

If you cannot wait until the weekend, and are counting down the clock, then here is something to watch to get you through it.