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Hentucky Productions | Production company for film > music > anything else inbetween


Film - Music - Social Enterprise

Let's Get Lucky

What we do?

Hentucky is a film and music social enterprise.

Originally founded to promote a club night in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust in 2004, Hentucky evolved into film and music production social enterprise.

What does this mean? The films and music that we either make or promote are all in line with Hentucky’s ideals. We want to make people feel and think, throw the question out there and leave you to decide. We also like to laugh, and with our drama there is generally dark humour running through what we do.

But, it’s more about the way we try to make these films. Working with people we love and respect to people who we think are going to be the next… well whoever they want to be. Hentucky will always aim to run a fair, professional production and set; with a sprinkling of a family feeling.

Child in Their Eyes

Dangling before her is a long-awaited record deal - a young talented musician, desperate to feed her hunger to succeed; but she’s going to destroy the relationships with those around her if she’s not careful. Go to citefilm.com for more information.


Director's showreel of Ivan Madeira from Hentucky Productions

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